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Three former parapsychology professors set up shop as a unique ghost removal service.

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original title: Ghostbusters

genge: Action,Comedy,Fantasy


imdb: 6.5

duration: 1h 45min

tags: Let's get slimed one more time. [re-release]

budget: $30,000,000

keywords: ghostbuster, university, ghost, paranormal, scientist, paranormalphenomenon, paranormalinvestigationteam, ghostbusting, supernaturalbeing, haunting, possession, apartment, downtown, firehouse, mayor,

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After being kicked out of their university, parapsychology professors Spengler, Stantz and Venkman decide to go into business for themselves by trapping and removing ghosts from haunted houses. After some initial skepticism, business is soon booming as The Ghost Busters rid New York of its undead. When a downtown skyscraper becomes the focal point of spirit activity linked to the ancient god Gozer, however, the problem may be more than the team can handle. Peter Venkman, Ray Stantz and Egon work at the University where they delve into the paranormal and fiddle with many unethical experiments on the students. As they are kicked out of the University do they really understand their knowledge of the paranormal and go into business for themselves. Under the new snazzy business name of 'Ghostbusters', and living in the old firehouse building they work out of, they are called to rid New York City of paranormal phenomenon at everyone's whim.... for a price. They make national press as the media thinks and pressures everybody the Ghostbusters are the cause of it all. Thrown in jail by the EPA, the mayor takes a chance and calls on them to help save the city. Unbeknownst to all, a long dead Gozer worshiper (Evo Shandor) erected downtown apartment building is the cause of all the paranormal activity. They find out the building could resurrect the ancient Hittite god, Gozer, and bring an end to all of humanity. Who are you gonna call to stop this terrible world-ending menace? One of my favourite movies as a kid was this one, as it both made me laugh and scared me at the same time. I recently picked up a special DVD set of both Ghostbusters films and I still love watching them.

As a child of the 80s, I had all the Ghostbuster toys, the GB action figures, Ecto mobile, Firehouse. I only wish I'd kept them. My brother and I even dressed up as Ghostbusters one Halloween.

The film itself is very entertaining and really makes me miss good, intelligent comedies. There is not one single fart or sex joke in this entire movie and yet it's still really funny in some parts. I often wonder if good comedy movies like this still exist, one can only watch so many fart jokes until they get lame and boring.

Although some of the effects to seem dated, they hold up pretty well considering over two decades have passed since the production of this movie. The Stay Puft man is still one of the coolest bad guys ever.

If there's something strange in the neighbourhood...who you still gonna call? Ah, Ghostbusters, a movie that took your imagination to it's limits. From sucking up ghosts with proton packs, to a giant walking marshmallow mascot going on a rampage though New York, Ghostbusters is considered to be a childhood favourite by many. The movie was such a success back in the 80's. Much fallowed the films release such as a sequel, a cartoon series, a line of video games and action figures. Everything about Ghostbusters is fun to watch weather it be watching a ghost get grabbed by the proton streams and being sucked into a ghost trap with amazing special effects, or it be hearing the siren from the ecto-1 as it speeds passed, not to mention the awesome theme song. The gadgets that the Ghostbusters are equipped with are also very cool my favourite being the ghost vacuum that is on the roof of the ecto-1. The Ghostbusters face off against Gozer and her minions and must stop them from destroying the city Having all that said, Ghostbusters is a movie that people look back on and remember the feeling they got after watching it for the first time as kids, and that feeling is a feeling no one will ever forget. Although it reunites the comic talents of director Ivan Reitman, writer Harold Ramis and star Bill Murray, the team responsible for the Meatballs phenomenon, their style here is far more laid-back and relaxed. There are still plenty of laughs, but not of the frantic sledgehammer variety. When three parapsychologists